FCS Hosts Kids in the Kitchen

FCS Hosts Kids in the Kitchen
Posted on 11/15/2019
FCS Kids in the KitchenFamily and Consumer Science Club Hosts Kids in the Kitchen
By: Jacob Arseneau

The FCS Club has had a very fun array of activities so far during this first semester! They kicked off the fall season with a Caramel Apple Night on September 10th in order to catch up with each other after the summer break. Two weeks later they hosted a Kids in the Kitchen night, where younger children can come in and enjoy cooking for themselves. On October 29th they had a Halloween party just a few days before the trick-or-treaters went out on the streets. There are still events to some, such as their puff pastry fundraiser, pairing up with FFA to bake dog treats, and another Kids in the Kitchen night for the holiday season!

During the Kids in the Kitchen event, the kids were able to enjoy doing most of the cooking themselves with FCS members helping out. Having the members there for guidance encourages the kids to follow the guidelines of the recipes while letting them be creative throughout the process. During the Halloween party, the members were able to make some spooky treats to celebrate the holiday. Some of these treats were candy corn cupcakes, skull cookies, and pumpkin-shaped Rice Krispie treats. Be sure to keep up with the FCS Club throughout the rest of the semester so you don't miss any events!

Puff Pastry fundraiser - November 15th through December 2nd
FCS and FFA Event - November 18th
Kids in the Kitchen (Holiday Theme) - December 3rd