Amanda Crowley - 2019 Salutatorian Address

Amanda Crowley - 2019 Salutatorian Address
Amanda Crowley

Manteno High School announces Amanda Crowley as the salutatorian for the class of 2019.  She plans to study public health with a pre-med focus at the University of Kentucky.  During her senior year Amanda has served as co-captain for the panther volleyball team.  She was all area honorable mention member for volleyball in 2019  and received the I-8 Scholar Athlete award for the past two years. For two years she has been involved with Junior Achievement including serving as Project Manager for, “Reclaimed Vision” this spring competing in the state competition.  Amanda will be participating in the JA National Leadership Summit in Washington D.C. in June.  This 2019 Illinois State Scholar and member of the National Honor Society is the daughter of Caren Sloan-Crowley and Michael Crowley. 


To the class of 2019, we did it. These past 4 years have been nothing but a blessing, and I am happy to have shared every moment with each and every one of you. We are finally graduating. Can you even believe it? Just about 4 years ago, we all walked into this building as your typical weird freshman that the seniors would never even acknowledge. Based on my freshman letter to my senior self that I got to read last week, I, very much so, was one of those weird freshman. However, even though I was a only a freshman, people would tell me “it’ll be over before you know it” and “time is going to fly by.” I never believed anyone. But now I am here thinking, wow, time has flown by. While some of us are heading off to college, others are going into the workforce, and some are taking some time off, I want everyone to know that what you decide is not going to define you, what defines you is who you are as a person & who you are creating yourself to be.

As I stand in front of you all today, I want to thank every person who has affected my life in some way throughout the past 4 years. You have been a part in why I am speaking to you all today. If you think of life as a book, we are only moving on to the next chapter. We still have our entire lives ahead of us to see the world, learn, and be successful. I believe that success can be found in many places: the classroom, the workplace, money, and more. Although it may not come soon, you will be successful. Your passions and determination will take you there. But for now, for all of us graduates, we have been successful in the classroom’s of Manteno High School & that is definitely something to be proud of.

A few very important things that I have learned here at MHS were to stay true to who you are, challenge yourself, and don’t lose sight of your dreams. These 3 simple, cliche, lessons have shaped me into the person that I am today. And to everyone who has guided me here at MHS, thank you.

This is not the end of our lives. It is only the beginning of our very near future. While I have successfully learned how to pass an AP class, learned proper speech etiquette (& I hope that I’m doing a well at that), and learned how to write a research paper, I have not learned some of the most challenging concepts in today’s society like if water is wet, or if a straw has two holes, and last but not least, what color that stupid dress was. All jokes aside, it is important that we take our memories, lessons, and experiences into the future with us. They will guide us to become who we are, and they will stay with us forever.

To the graduates, I have my voice, and you have yours. Use it. It will empower you like no other. Take your courage and your heart and create something special. Make your mark. You don’t have to be continuing your education to find your way in this world, but believe it or not, whatever you may choose to do, you will get educated.

Let me leave you with this, the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. As I end this chapter of my life in Manteno and start a new one in Kentucky, I am grateful for every moment, and you all should be too. To the class of 2019, congratulations, y’all! Thank you.