JA Catch A Breath

JA - Catch A Breath
Posted on 02/06/2019
JA Catch A Breath

Worry Less; Limit Stress -- Catch a Breath is a Junior Achievement company based out of Manteno High School. The company is focused around promoting mental health awareness and supplying a line of products that helps to reduce stress; their goal is to bring awareness to all communities, not limited to Manteno. The products available for purchase are Calm Kits for $12, made up of Play Doh, a coloring kit, playing cards, a pack of gum, a wrist band, and a stress ball. Individual stress balls are also for sale for $5. For an extra dollar you can add a netting to the stress ball.

In addition to the product line, customers have the opportunity to donate to the Samuel R. Myers Foundation for Suicide and Mental Health Awareness. Catch a Breath plans to donate a portion of their profits at the end of the year to the foundation.

You can contact us at our email catchabreath2@gmail.com or our social medias (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) @_catchabreath_ .